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Our mission is to provide international education to young people all around the world. We offer a variety of educational and cultural opportunities abroad to high school students.

The focus of the Cultural Exchange Program in Europe is for the 15-18 year old exchange student to integrate in the culture and the way of living of a host country, with a big part of this experience being students living and participating in a host family just as any other member of the family would. Similarly, exchange students also attend a local high school and are free to engage in the extracurricular activities the school has to offer.

Our High School Study in the USA programs offer 15-18 year old students an opportunity to study in an American high school for one semester, school year or multiple years, with a chance to receive high diploma. Students can choose between Public, Private and Boarding schools.

We thrive to fulfill our students' wishes and always look for the best possible educational opportunities for our students. Let us know about your study abroad wishes today – we will help you to fulfill those!