Denmark is known for its social democracy and sustainable approach to politics. Its antiquarian cities are home to some of Europe’s finest architecture, culture and cafés and not least their thousands of bicycles. As an exchange student in Denmark, you will be a part of the happiest society in the world and one which strives to make the world for a better place.

Country facts
Country: Denmark
Capital: Copenhagen
Largest city: Copenhagen
Climate: Distinct four seasons with mild temperature over the whole country

A year on high school in Denmark
Are you someone that is looking to do something totally different and fun for a whole year? If so, come live in the world’s happiest country; Denmark.

During your year as an exchange student in Denmark you will make friends for life, be a part of a Danish family and experience firsthand how Danes go about their everyday life. Along with an experience which you will cherish of your life, you will discover a new culture a whole new outlook on life.

The Danes are known for their egalitarian and down to earth outlook; treating each other equally regardless of age, gender, race or income. It has been said of Danes that they can be somewhat restrained; not showing much emotion when talking about something or someone as it could be seen as a sign of weakness. As such, as an exchange student in Denmark you must keep an open mind, showing interest in the Danish language, culture and way of life as locals will then interact and engage with you.

Who can participate in the program
Students who wish to begin their studies in August should turn 16 or 17 within that calendar year. Though, depending on your home country, you may be eligible to apply even if you turn 15 by December.

Language requirement
It is good if you study a little of Danish before arrival. Once in Denmark it’s required that you actively study, participate, and show progress throughout your stay. Most of Danish teenagers speak English well so even if your Danish skills are not much you will find it easy to make friends with local young people!