High School in Denmark

High School in Denmark is known as Gymnasium. Students attend Gymnasium for three years, generally between the ages of 16 – 19. The school year in Denmark is divided into four terms while a typical school day begins no earlier than 8a.m. and finishes no later than 4pm. There are no requirements for school uniforms in Denmark, with students wearing whatever it is they feel comfortable in.

The school system in Denmark in Denmark places a lot of responsibility in the hands of the students, and as such exchange students in Denmark will have a lot of freedom and independence, while having a relaxed relationship with teachers. This system means an exchange student in Denmark will be able to choose what areas of study they would like to take; with the choice to focus on subjects such as: art, music, language or economics. The subjects you choose must be studied along with courses that are required in the Danish school system such as Math, English, Danish or History.