Free time

Denmark is a very small country which is largely surrounded by ocean; as such exchange students will most likely be close to the seaside. Should you be interested, Denmark has lots of nice beaches on offer, with plenty of opportunities for the likes of kite or windsurfing. What is more, Denmark is renowned for its cycling; with Danes cycling everywhere rather than driving - partly due to the country being very flat. For those who like to make small biking trips Denmark offers a lot of good bike paths around the country with beautiful landscape scenery.

Beyond sport, when in Denmark you can experience many different exciting cultural events such as world class art exhibitions, film festivals, theatre and opera. Something everyone can enjoy is taking in a weekend trip to explore the beautiful capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. It is here you can go and have a blast at the world famous LEGOLAND, somewhere where almost everything is made of LEGO.

What is more, Denmark is a gateway to the rest of the Europe, allowing exchange students to explore and discover more countries and cultures beyond Denmark. With only a bridge separating Denmark from Sweden to the East and a boarder to Germany in the South there are plenty of opportunities for exchange students to explore.