Land of a thousand lakes, home of Santa Claus, snow and baking hot saunas all packed into a beautiful landscape, Finland definitely is a unique country. As an exchange student in Finland you will have the opportunity to experience a whole new culture together with caring, friendly and warm people in a cold country!

Country Facts
Country: Finland
Capital: Helsinki
Biggest city: Helsinki
Climate: Distinct four seasons with cold winters and fairly warm summers.

One year in high school in Finland
Are you someone who loves the outdoors and would like to do something totally different from your everyday life? If so, then come live in Finland for year full of opportunities to experience things you can only have dreamt of until now.

During your year as an exchange student in Finland you will be part of a Finnish family, living as they do and experiencing their way of life. You will meet warm people in a cold country who are caring and friendly. Together with friends and family you will get to know a new culture and way of life. You will have the chance to see beautiful landscapes and take a dip in one of the country’s 60,000 lakes.

The people of Finland are called the Finns, and are known for being open, warm and sincere. Most of the Finns today are talkative and hospitable. The stereotype of Finns being a very quiet and withdrawn people could be applied to some parts of the country, where people tend to be quiet, though when they have something to say it is usually worth saying. Finns may make jokes at your expense, however this is just a way of showing you that they are comfortable around you and like you.

There is nothing that is more Finnish than the sauna; and during your time in Finland it is inevitable that you will come to know the real sauna experience! The sauna has actually come to be an endurance sport in Finland, where people competing and see who can stay the longest in the sauna. While not as extreme, regular people will often hit each other with birch branches during a sauna.

Who can participate in the program
Students who wish to begin their studies in August should turn 16 or 17 within that calendar year. Though, depending on your home country, you may be eligible to apply even if you turn 15 by December.

Language requirement
You do not need to know any Finnish but if you want to make a good impression, it pays off to learn a few phrases before you travel to Finland. It’s required that you actively study, participate, and show progress throughout your stay.