Free time

Students skating in Helsinki

When Finns have time free from work or school they love to go visit second homes of their own or their relatives next to one of the thousands of lakes in the country. Here, Finns enjoy fishing, dining and maybe even going for a cold swim and a saunas to warm up. As Finns have such a close relationship to the outdoor they are not put off by the cold with many activities enjoyed in freezing temperatures.

When in Finland, an exchange student can go north and visit Lappland, the traditional home of Father Christmas. This is the most northern part of Finland which is covered in snow for most of the year. While here you will see reindeers and elks, have a chance to visit Santa Claus as well as see the stunning, world famous Northern Lights.

Finland has a strong relationship with music, the arts and dancing. There are many excellent concerts and festivals across the country to be enjoyed throughout the year. Apart from modern acts, students can experience one of the traditional cultural festivals such as classic finish folk dances or the sauna festival.