The host family

It is important to remember that host families have volunteered to host exchange students, and are looking for a good match for their own family. Host families choose you based on your description and on how well you would fit into their family. While on exchange it is important to remind yourself that families have accepted you into their home because they are interested to get to know you and your culture as well as sharing their own culture, so it is important to engage with your hosts and learn from them.

A typical Finnish family consists of two parents and two children where both of the parents work full time. Finnish families are usually very open and honest to each other and they discuss everything with each other. As an exchange student, host family parents will most definitely give you a lot of freedom but they expect you to respect and honesty in return. This means always letting them know what plans you have and who you are hanging out with. If there is any problems do not be afraid to tell them.

In a Finnish family everyone shows respect and love for each other equally, this meaning that the work and chores around the house is divided equally amongst the family members. As an exchange student your are no different from any other member of the family and you must be prepared to help out around the house or be asked to do things such keeping your room cleans or helping with dinner.