Despite Norway being the home of the raging Vikings they are a peaceful country with friendly people. Norway offers some of the most incredible landscapes and natural phenomena on this planet. As an exchange student in Norway you will get to experience the amazing fjords and mountains along with the wonders of the Northern Lights and the midnight sun together with a caring host family and friends.

Country Profile
Country: Norway
Capital: Oslo
Largest city: Oslo
Climate: Four distinct seasons with mild temperature in the south and a bit colder up north with a lot of snow.

One Year Exchange in Norwegian High School
Are you a high school student who always wanted to live in a country with landscape like no other? Than come experience Norway; a cold country with warm people.
During your year as an exchange student in Norway you will experience a whole new culture and way of life. Your year as an exchange student in Norway will bring you memories you and experiences you will cherish for the rest of your life. You will get the opportunity to be a part of a Norwegian family, make new friends and try things you never thought of trying before.

The people in Norway have a close relationship with the nature; this means there are a lot of social, outdoor activities. Although Norway is a very cold country it is full of warm and hospitable people that will make you feel at home as Norwegians are peaceful and happy, with good humor and manners. The country can gives a real sense of age, with its old buildings, fishermen, farmers and sailors bringing out feelings of bygone times.

Norwegians celebrates a lot of different festivals, with traditional fairs and festivals happening throughout the whole year. This gives great opportunities to see good musicians and bands, and also the chance experience local celebrations with your family.

Who can participate in the program
Students who wish to begin their studies in August should turn 16 or 17 within that calendar year. Though, depending on your home country, you may be eligible to apply even if you turn 15 by December.

Language requirement
Norwegian teenagers and most of the grown ups do speak English so it will be easy for you to learn to know people in Norway. There are plenty of Norwegian language courses online and it is recommended you study a little bit of Norwegian before you arrive.