High School in Sweden

ta emot utbytesstudent

When attending a Swedish high school (Gymnasium) you be part of one class group for the duration of the year, with usually 20-30 people per class. This means that you will become very close to your classmates as you will see them almost every day. The school day varies in length, but you can assume school to begin from 8-9 in the morning and finish from two to three in the afternoon, with one hour lunch break. The Swedish school calendar split into two semesters; usually from August to December and January to June. There are no requirements for school uniforms in Sweden, with students wearing what they feel comfortable in.

The Swedish school system gives students a lot of freedom in comparison to other countries such as the USA or Australia, with the relationship between students and teachers usually very open and relaxed. However, with this freedom comes a lot of responsibility for students to finish their work on time without strict supervision.

Your local coordinator will handle everything with regards to confirming your place in the school. Beyond this however it is you as an exchange student that decides the focus of your studies, where you can choose among subjects such as: a language, Business, Technology, Natural Science or Construction. Together with the subjects you have chosen you will also be required to take core courses like Math, English and Physical Education.