Skiing in swedenIn regards to activities, Swedish schools do not work like those in America, where activities after school hours are a big part of the school experience. In Sweden after school activities usually take place outside of the school setting, meaning exchange students will be able to sign up to a number of local clubs and teams. Your host family can help in finding something that is interesting to you.

Most teenagers in Sweden participate in some kind of sport or physical activity outside school hours. The most popular sports in Sweden include soccer, ice hockey, golf, handball and tennis. So if you are someone who loves sports and physical activities then Sweden is the perfect place! During winter season there are great opportunities for top quality European skiing or hiking.

Sweden has a rich musical tradition, having produced some of the most famous bands and artists in the world, such as ABBA or Swedish House Mafia. The Swedes love music, with the Eurovision Song Contest being one of the most popular television broadcast events each year. So if you are someone who loves music you will have plenty of opportunities to get involved with music in Sweden.