Analeigh from Taiwan

As an exchange student in Finland 

Here I would like to share something that I would never forget about Finland. I got four things in my list. The first thing is about Finnish food. Well, when it comes to Finnish food, the first thing that comes in my mind is potato, just like when you think of Asian food, rice is your first answer. For me, Finnish food is ok. Salmon is great and Finnish desserts are pretty good. The second one is about summer cottage. As you might know, Taiwan is a very small island, but filled with plenty of people. So it’s almost impossible for Taiwanese to have another house which is near lake, forest, totally close to the natural and just for spending summer vacation. But in Finland, almost every family has a summer cottage. People spend some time there, swimming, going to sauna, eating and just relaxing. I also spent time with my host family in their summer cottage. I really like it and love it very much.

My first impression of Finns was that Finnish people are really shy and reserved and it does take a long time to get along with the Finns, Finnish people can be very extroverted, speak and laugh loudly. But when they turn to the foreigners, they may become shy and reserved. On the other hand, I have to say the characteristic of Finns vary from season to season. In winter Finns’ faces look serious and cold just like the weather itself and there are no emotions on their faces. However, in summer, everything changes a lot. Finland suddenly becomes a warm, peaceful and joyful land. Finns are a lot happier and more optimistic. You can see more smiles and more laughters on their faces, which are really awesome and beautiful or handsome. 

After one year experiencing the Finnish school system, I have to admit that the system itself is pretty good. Students have many choices that provide in different levels in various field and more freedom that one can decide which subjects she/he wants to put more efforts in. Finnish students are really lucky students to learn in such a good studying environment .

Yao Analeigh, Taiwan