Sams year in Norway

Norway is an extremely beautiful country. Some of the things i like about Harstad is the scenery. You can see the ocean from almost anywhere you are and sometimes it looks as if someone painted the sky because of how gorgeous it is. Since Harstad is considered a small town in Norway you have a better opportunity to meet people. People here are also very generous. One time I was out drinking coffee with a friend but i did not have enough money for a latte but she gave it to me anyway. Also fishing in the ocean is really fun. I am not a very patient person and I usually give up after an hour of fishing in a lake but my first time fishing in the ocean I caught at least 8 fish within an hour.

Also I have noticed that norwegians are very active. Since I have been here I have been hiking where I met some sheep, gone fishing on a motorboat and a real fishing boat, we have gone skiing a few times, been to concerts and so many other activities. There are so many things to do here, whether it is just watching movies with friends, sitting in your room painting or drawing, or going on walks. Learning norwegian is a bit difficult at times but when your with friends it can be quite funny. One time I was bowling with a few friends and pulled a small american prank on one of the girls and I tried saying I love you to her because thats something we say in america. So as we are all laughing I say “æ elske du”. They all start laughing at me and once they calmed down enough to talk they told me that its “æ elske deg”. So those are some good memories I have made in Norway.