Giulia in Sweden

My name is Giulia, i’m 17 years old and I’m an Exchange Student from Brazil in Sweden. One of the most amazing experience I have ever done in my life! I came In a country where I had no idea about nothing, people, culture, language,…I came completely alone! And “alone” I could learn the “real” of the life and grow up my mind about the world. When you do an Exchange Student you don’t do only because of the language, you learn to be more responsible, you learn to give value to your home, your family and your friends, you learn to be stronger when you miss someone.

In Sweden the people received me so good, the Swedes in general are so friendly and they respect so much your “space”. I could see that they are so much concerned in studies, they really care and do their best to try to help you. Explorious is great support, always when I need something is just send a message and together we solve it. We have some meetings and that’s important for them know if it is going everything well